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Taking Leave...

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Taking Leave...

Postby GameTipper » Sun Mar 27, 2016 4:56 pm

To all the faithful and awesome GameTippers from around the world,

It pains me to write this and to put it all into words, but things have been pretty tough of late and I have sadly come to the realization that I just can't keep this pace up anymore. For 12 years I've provided my tips and opinions on all sorts of sporting events for various forums and websites, with little or no thanks, with some small exceptions along the way of course. In this time, I have also had the GameTipper website and "brand" develop and carried along with pride by a small few, which I will always cherish and be proud of. I would like to think I have been fair, honest and upheld my values along the way, something I am especially passionate about when it comes to providing tips and opinions on my true love in life, sports. I have a tendency to take on too much, say yes to too much, and refuse to compromise or delegate responsibilities when it is I who create the extra work or things to be done. This has effectively left me working/volunteering upwards of 100hrs per week for much of the past 5 years, and this has been eating away at me in so many ways. I simply need a break!

I have taken on several volunteering roles at sporting clubs which I feel is something more people should be doing, but very few do. I saw an opportunity to help out these organisations at the grass roots end of the spectrum with a little knowledge and experience I have in business and coaching to fill a void or to simply add a voice and a helping hand where needed. This has lead to some more major roles within these clubs recently, which I now owe a larger amount of time and more in-depth involvement on a daily basis. I can no longer devote 100+hrs in the same way any more, so some things have to give and some things have had to become less important in order for me to let go... and thus this post as had to happen.

Having said all of this, I'm not entirely shutting down or giving up on the whole GameTipper experience. I still run a very successful community on, and would hope to at the very least, radically scale things back here to be more manageable over time. It would most likely mean no more on going schedules or tips in full for everything. I will still run threads for every sport and as many as possible, and try to once again encourage those interested in those sports to pick up the slack and gain the courage to continue to post their tips and opinions... again, the whole idea of more hands make little work, just like stepping up and helping your local soccer or football team, we as a team need you to step up (or go volunteer at a sporting club - now!).

In the meantime, I will be taking an immediate step back from posting tips on ALL sports, but will continue to maintain the sports forum until I can sort out a workable schedule where by I will again post tips for the more popular sports. This may also give you, the member/reader a chance to give me feedback on which sports you consider your most popular, so I can cater towards that more than others. At this stage, I am only thinking of AFL/NRL/Super Rugby/NBA as my main sports... so tell me what you want!

Thank you for reading this and hopefully understand this has not, will not and certainly is not something I really wanted to do or happen, but has had to for personal reasons. I truly hope this also inspires others to step up as well, as this is the time we need you and your sporting knowledge and experiences to stand tall and come forward to fill a need.

I will post more in coming time...

John L.
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Re: Taking Leave...

Postby Vulcan » Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:23 pm

Me Too, It's Just Too Much, Time Consuming Wise and We Have Horses In Training So That's Our Bread And Butter. And We All Know You Have To Look After # 1

Thankyou All

Vulcan ;)
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Re: Taking Leave...

Postby Louie » Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:32 pm

Good Luck John & Vulcan,

Not sure how you both carried on for as long as you have. I can barely remember myself

We do have to look after #1

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